Laparoscopy Hysterectomy

With change in Medical science reach and facilities, patients suffering from abdominal pain are getting better treatment options. A decade before hysterectomy meant a long surgical abdominal procedure cutting several cords to operate the patient, taking multiple hours and again several weeks to recover properly with good sound health.

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy has been a more effective and minimal invasive procedure which came into light from last couple of years, it not only reduces the length of surgery, but also shortens everything right after surgery like hospital stay, recovery period – as well as pain and complications with patients health and is considered as major health advantage specially for women’s.

Comparing laparoscopic hysterectomy and traditional procedure.


Biggest relief to patient, is unlike traditional procedure there is no need to make any large incision made in abdomen or vagina. Laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery uses few small types of equipment like video camera attached to a thin rod to remove the uterus. Images through the camera guide the surgeon about operating instruments for successful detaching of uterus. Hardly a hole of one and half inch is made in the navel while same is used to remove the part of uterus.


Other Advantages like:


This minimally invasive procedure causes no blood loss, the procedure takes an hour or less to complete and the patient can walk back on the same day. It offers great relief to patients compared to traditional method of surgery. Overall it takes lesser time for patient to recover after surgical procedure, so nowadays, laparoscopic surgery sounds less scaring to them.


Only Disadvantage about Laparoscopy Hysterectomy is:

After listing so many advantages of laparoscopy surgery, it sounds completely dumb that out of all hysterectomy procedures carried out nowadays, only 15% are done with laparoscopy hysterectomy. Being important organ to be operated on, surgeons need to be more trained about the procedure. There are good no of chances that those physicians who don’t offer laparoscopic hysterectomy might not even be aware of the existence of such alternative procedure for traditional abdominal hysterectomy.


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